Monday, August 29, 2016

Fixing “Your connection is not private / secure" issue in Chrome / FireFox

Some of you might encounter some of the following errors depending on the browser you use:

This is caused due to an error associated with the SSL certificate.

I you are just a user this might mean that someone might try to steal your session or that the owner didn't configure their certificate correctly.

If you are the owner of the website here what you need to do!

At first you will need to check if the SSL certificate for your website is properly installed if installed at all. There are a lot of online tools for that but we will show you only one:

In the following you can check the main things you will need to check for:

1. Check the domain of the website is listed in the certificate you are using. All certificates are domain specific and all domains for which it's valid must be listed in it*;
2. Check from where your website is loading;
3. Check if all steps are ok;
4. Check if the entire chain is installed - on top of the SSl certificate you might need to install CA chain which is publicly available and can be downloaded from the SSL provider;

* and are different domains.

If there are any error you should see and error/warning as shown in the screenshot below:

For example in the above screenshot the website do not have installed SSL certificate and redirects to the first website in the Apache's list which is the website of my hosting.

If there is any issues with your certificate, try to fix them regarding the warning or contact your hosting support about it.

You can also write a comment below and I will review your issue personally.

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